New creations, original artistic productions with focus on new and young audiences, performed nationally and transnationally involving artists, musicians, dancers from partner countries.

Academic lectures and scientific seminars covering a multitude of topics, such as philosophy, sciences, literature, music, equality, migration, civil courage, expressions of art etc.

Publications ”Queen Christina, Contributions 2014-16” with seminar papers in five languages was published in 2017 in Sweden by the Foundation Queen Christina-the European Culture Initiative.

”The Republic of Letters and Christina of Sweden”, No 24 of the Nordic Historical Review, was published in 2017 by the University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès.

Examples of Original Artistic Productions
* Concert performance of La Forza delle Stelle, a Serenata for singers and orchestra by Alessandro Stradella, textbook edited by Queen Christina.
* Concert Queen Christina, music at Christina´s court, ballet music, works by Stradella, Corelli, Purcell and others.
* Dance Young Christina,  original choreography by Base23, Stockholm performed by young dancers. Music and dance styles include street, pop, bebop, jazz, classic. A special TV version has already been shown in several countries. A new special touring version with 22 dancers is being prepared for European tours in 2019 and 2020.
*  Concert-Song Show Immigrants it´s us!  for all audiences. Gruppo Incanto and soloists from Italy and other countries.
For video excerpts, see:
* A. Stradella Serenata ”La Forza delle Stelle” Duet Io se t’amo, from a live concert in Toulouse                    
* Ballet Christina, from the world première in the Stockholm Royal Palace Hall of State                               
* Immigrants it´s us! Ensemble Gruppo Canto,  Italy/France

Planned Activities 

28 September 2019   Varazdin Baroque Evenings Festival, Croatia

29 September 2019   Ludbreg, Croatia

La Forza delle Stelle Serenata for singers and orchestra by Alessandro Stradella, textbook edited by Queen Christina. Royal Swedish Chamber Orchestra Christina Consort, Conductor Mats Liljefors. Amanda Liljefors and Jessica Elevant, Sopranos, Eva Maria Riedl Buschan, Mezzosoprano and others. First performance of the new edition, part of Stradella Complete Works, President Carolyn Gianturco.

22 October 2019 The Royal Armoury, Stockholm

Seminar ”Conflict Resolution and Cultural Diplomacy”

Invited Speakers: Ove Bring, Staffan Rosén, Peter Wallensteen

Concert with Young Soloists

19 November 2019 The Royal Armoury, Stockholm

Seminar ”Culture and Health”

Invited Speakers: Lars Rydén, Töres Theorell, Johan Schubert, Leif Kirsebom, Carin Hartmann

Concert with Young Soloists

Realised Activities

25 January, 22 February, 29 March 2019 The Vasa Museum, Stockholm

Queen Christina programs with Lecture and Concert

25 January     Susanna Åkerman: ”Queen Christina – an early modern woman. The conversations with Descartes”. Lilla Akademien Orchestra, conducted by Mark Tatlow.

22 February   Mats Liljefors: ”Queen Christina – Sponsor of the Arts”. Dance Group Le Pied en L’Air, Mats Liljefors, Violin, Mark Tatlow, Harpsichord, Eleonora Svanström, Cello

29 March  Inga Lena Ångström Grandien: ”Pictures of Queen Christina”.  Amanda Liljefors, Soprano, Eva Maria Riedl Buschan, Mezzosoprano, Daniel Holst, Viola da Gamba, Peter Lönnerberg, Harpsichord

24 October 2018   

The Royal Armoury, The Royal Palace, Stockholm

Seminar and Concert

«Conflict Resolution and Cultural Diplomacy»

”New conflicts, new challenges, new methods”


Ivo Josipović,  former President of Croatia, Professor of Law

Michele Nicoletti, Professor and former President of the PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe)

Johan Gernandt, Lawyer, former Chairman of the Swedish Central Bank and of the Stockholm Arbitration Institute

Karl-Erik Norrman, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, former Ambassador, Founder of the European Cultural Parliament

Ove Bring, Professor of International Law, Stockholm – Moderator

Mats Liljefors Project Leader Queen Christina – Culture and Peace – Presentation


Camerata Garestin, Croatia – four Baroque specialists and young Swedish Soprano Amanda Liljefors

GP Telemann Flute Quartet, Monteverdi Aria ”Ohì me”, JS Bach Triosonata, T Cecchini Sonata

In cooperation with  Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, Kungl. Vitterhetsakademien, Kungl. Patriotiska Sällskapet, The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, The Royal Armoury, Royal Festivals, Embassy of Croatia in Sweden, Varaždin Baroque Evenings, Föreningen Unga Kristina.

10 October 2018 Ball Room, Chinzanso Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Japan-Sweden 150th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Banquet

Queen Christina – Culture and Peace Project Presentation and Ensemble Concert

Mats Liljefors, Presentation, Violin, Olivera Ticevic, Soprano

Akiko Sato, Baroque Lute, Hiroki Nagase, Cello

I samarbete med/ In cooperation with

Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation, Austria Barock Akademie

7-9 September 2018 Leksands Musikskola/ Music School, Leksand, Sweden

Kurs för stråkmusiker med inriktning på barockmusik

Masterclass in Baroque Music Interpretation for String Players.


My Sirén, Violin

Niklas Breman, Theory, Harmony, Analysis, General Bass

Final Concert/ Avslutningskonsert 9 September

I samarbete med/ In cooperation with

Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation  

24 April 2018 Livrustkammaren, The Royal Armoury, the Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden 

Lectures and Concert «Queen Christina and the Peace»  «Drottning Christina och Freden», commemorating the Westphalian Peace 370 years, Westfaliska freden 370 år (1648-2018)

Austria Barock Akademie     Barockmusik  Baroque Music performed by Svetlana Ramazanova – Violin, Simonida Jovanovic – Flute, Elke Eckerstorfer – Cembalo 

Ove Bring  (Professor of International Law, Stockholm)   “Drottning Christina – fredsivrare” ”Queen Christina – a Peace maker”

Peter Wallensteen (Professor of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala) “Westfaliska freden och dagens fredsavtal”   The Westphalian Peace: Historical Experiences and Contemporary Peace Accords”

Presentation  Mats Liljefors Project Leader Queen Christina – Culture and Peace

 In cooperation with The Royal Armoury, Austrian Embassy Stockholm, Royal Festivals, Stiftelsen Queen Christina-Det europeiska kulturinitiativet, Hotell Drottning Kristina, Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, EU Culture, JACOB WALLENBERGS STIFTELSE

21 November 2017 Livrustkammaren/ The Royal Armoury, The Royal Palace, Stockholm          Lecture and Concert. ”Queen Christina as unifying symbol of Europe, then and now”  Students at Östra Real Senior High School present a special study.

Concert ”Italian Baroque music”. Vocal soloists and Instrumentalists from the Royal College, on period instruments. Monteverdi, Caccini, Strozzi and others. Introduction Mats Liljefors, Project leader.

19 September 2017 The Royal Armory, The Royal Palace, Stockholm

Seminar ”Queen Christina and Civil Courage – then and now” About courage and civil courage, What is civil courage and how can we train our ability to act?

Ove Bring, Professor em, Moderator, Marie Jacobsson, Ambassador, Sarah Bohman Scheller, Director Raoul Wallenberg Academy, Tina Morad, Raoul Wallenberg Prize winner 2016, Hans Henrik Brummer, Professor em, Introduction Mats Liljefors, Professor em, Project leader.

August-September 2017, Spoleto, Italy, Teatro Lirico Sperimentale

Opera season, Master class and Residencies for young singers

18 – 29 July 2017 Gmunden, Salzkammergut, Austria

Austria Barock Akademie. Masterclasses of Baroque music.

11-13 May 2017,University Jean-Jaurès , Toulouse, France 

Theme days, seminars, lectures ”Christine de Suède et la république des lettres”   Professor em Didier Foucault and invited speakers

21 March 2017 Stockholm, The Royal Armory, The Royal Palace

Concert with Young Soloists and Lectures

Paulina Pfeiffer, Soprano, Sweden, Clara Casado-Rodriguez, Piano, Spain

Denis Viart, France  ”Support for culture – International cooperations”                                                   

Patrik Engellau  ”Freedom of Expression – Freedom of Belief”                                                     

Introduction Mats Liljefors, Project Leader

14 March 2017 Stockholm, Livrustkammaren /The Royal Armoury

Concert, Lectures, Queen Christina Book release.

Release of book: Papers from Queen Christina scientific seminars 2014-2016.

Austria Barock Akademie: Katharina Adamcyk – Soprano, Sonja Leipold –

Cembalo/Organ, Siegfried Koch – Trumpet                                                                                               

Marie-Louise Rodén   Queen Christina- woman and early European migrant.                                   

Lisa Castro  Young Female leadership

27 January 2017 Schwetzingen, Schwetzingen Castle                                                                       

Austria Barock Akademie, Concert


28 November 2016, Paris, Palais de la Découverte, Chambre de Commerce Suédoise
Dance “Young Christina” performed by young dancers from Base23, Stockholm, about Christina until her abdication and arrival in Rome. Music and dance styles: street, pop, bebop, jazz, classic etc.

11 November 2016, Paris, Maison de la Mutualité, Radici and Gruppo Incanto
Seminars “Christina and European Migrations” How to face the crisis of today´s Europe, tolerance, culture, migration.
Concert ”Immigrants, it´s us!” Italian emigrant songs performed by Gruppo Incanto and soloists from Italy and France, Rocco Femia, Leader.

12 October 2016, Stockholm, Hotel Drottning Kristina                                                                        Lecture, Professor Torkel Jansson ”Queen Christina, the Westphalian Peace and Henry Kissinger´s book “The World Order” (2014)

6 October 2016, Lisbon, Fronteira Palace and Lisbon University
375 years of diplomatic relations Portugal-Sweden (1641-2016) established under the rule of Queen Christina.
Seminar 1 ”Queen Christina and Portugal”                                                                                              Seminar 2 ”Christina and Father Vieira, her confessor in Rome, Portuguese Jesuit philosopher” Speakers: Gloria Kaiser and scholars from the Lisbon Academy and University                            Seminar 3 ”Queen Christina, forerunner of female leadership” Speakers: Ebba Witt-Brattström, Gunnar Wetterberg and others. In cooperation with the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Sweden in Portugal.

1-12 August 2016, Altmünster, Kirchstetten and Gmunden
Master Class and Concerts, Austria Barock Akademie, “Music expressions of the 17th Century”, inspired by Queen Christina, Ensemble Concorda, Music by female composers

15 July 2016, Saint-Félix Lauragais, Galerie Dominique R.
Exhibition of paintings “Queen Christina”. Seminar “Christina´s perception of art” Speakers Martine Cutter, Dominique Viart

4 July 2016, Toulouse region, Chateau de Saint-Félix Lauragais
Seminar with introduction “Queen Christina, female painters and expressions” Speakers: Hélène Lorblanchet, Arthur Jullien. Concert with female soloists performing music by female composers. Anne-Laure Touya, Soprano, Caroline Champy-Tursun, Mezzosoprano

17 June 2016, Toulouse, Collège Marcelin Berthelot
Concert ”Immigrants, it´s us!” Italian Song Show for young audiences. Il Gruppo Incanto and soloists from Italy and France, Rocco Femia, Leader.

6 June 2016, Lisbon, The Residence of the Embassy of Sweden in Portugal
Concert with music from the Queen´s court with Amanda Liljefors, Mezzosoprano and Michele Carreca, Teorb. Project presentation, Mats Liljefors.

Seminar “375 years of diplomatic relations Portugal-Sweden (1641-2016) signed by Queen Christina”.

23 January 2016, Stockholm, Royal Palace Youth Festival
Concert for young audiences. Austria Baroque Academy: AnneMaria Podesser, flute, Amanda Liljefors, Mezzosoprano, Dimitri Bondarenko, Harpischord and Vasco Dantas, Portugal, Piano

22 January 2016, Stockholm, Royal Palace Youth Festival
Dance “Young Christina”, special performance for young audiences
Principal Choreography Hans Marklund, Base 23 Dancers, Leaders Anneli Alhanko and Eva Johnson

26 June 2015, Gothenburg, Academy of Music and Drama
Seminar “Christina as Leader. Female leadership”  Marie-Louise Rodén, Annika Borg, Johanna Andersson, Moderator Patrik Engellau

25 June 2015, Gothenburg, Academy of Music and Drama
Concert, Ensembles La Badinerie et Tempesta, Mats Liljefors, Conductor, Anna Eklund Tarantino, Soprano, Amanda Liljefors, Mezzosoprano
L´Amour constant: Dance Suite, Stradella, Corelli, Monteverdi

25 June 2015, Gothenburg, Academy of Music and Drama
Seminar «Belief and tolerance, Individual freedom and Freedom of expression»
Susanna Åkerman, Marie-Louise Rodén

18 June 2015, Rome, Chiesa Nuova
Concert-lecture, “Queen Christina, Music and Art in Rome”
Anna Carbonera, Soprano, Michele Carreca, TeorbMats Liljefors, lecturer. Music by Kapsberger, Monteverdi, Merula, Caccini, Strozzi.          

16 June 2015, Brussels, Italian Culture Institute
Seminar “Queen Christina and the European Identity”
Paolo Grossi, Frank Pierobon, Mats Liljefors
Concert, Music from Christina’s court, Amanda Liljefors, Mezzosoprano, Thibaut Roussel, Teorb. Music by Monteverdi, Caccini, Purcell                

8 June 2015, Innsbruck, Kaiser Leopold-Saal
Concert, Les Roses Sauvages and Naturtrompetenensemble, Eliseo Innsbruck, Olivera Ticevic, Soprano. Female composers B. Strozzi, Meda, Auenberger, da la Guerre

8 June 2015, Innsbruck, Kaiser Leopold Saal
Seminar «Queen Christina, Religion and Music»
Roman Siebenrock, Stefan Schennach, Gloria Kaiser

21 April 2015, Brussels, Le Palais des académies   
Concert, Ensembles La Badinerie et Tempesta, Mats Liljefors, Conductor, Anna Carbonera, Soprano, Katja Zhylevich, Mezzosoprano
Lully, Stradella, “Amour constant” Ballet music

21 April 2015, Brussel, Le Palais des académies
Seminar «Languages and European cultures»
Jacques de Decker, Marquis de Trazeignies, Frank Pierobon, Prince Lobkowicz, Yann Kerlau, Philippe Beaussant

17 March 2015, Stockholm, The Royal Armory   
Seminar «Queen Christina and the Westphalian Peace»
Torkel Jansson, Marie-Louise Rodén, Inga Lena Ångström Grandien

11 March 2015, Stockholm, The Royal Palace, Karl XV Hall            
Dance and narration “Christina´s Roles, Dance and Gestures”
Camilla Kandare, Karin Modigh, Noah Hellwig,

5 March 2015, Villmanstrand, Lappenrantta, Finland
Dance “Young Christina” performed by Base23 during the state visit of Their Majesties of Sweden to Finland.

12 February 2015, Rome, Swedish Rome Institute
Seminar «Queen Christina and the sciences»
Antonio Clericuzio, Vera Nigrisoli Wärnhielm, Fabiola Zurlini, Yves Saint Geours

11 February 2015, Rome, Palazzo Farnese (former residence of Queen Christina, today Embassy of France)
Concert, Teatro Lirico Sperimentale in Spoleto, Rosaria Fabiana Angotti, Soprano, Chiara Tirotta, Mezzosoprano, Alec Roupen Avedissian, Baritone, Emanuele Marcante, Violin, Michele Carreca, Theorb, Francesco Massimi, Harpsichord                                                                                  Stradella, Monteverdi, Corelli and others

24 January 2015, Stockholm, Royal Palace Youth Festival
Concert for young audiences
Austria Baroque Academy, Olivera Ticevic, Soprano, Dmitry Bondarenko, Harpsichord, Christoph Urbanetz, Cello and Gothenburg University Academy for Music and Drama

23, 24 January 2015, Stockholm, Royal Palace Youth Festival
Dance “Young Christina”, special performances for young audiences
Principal Choreography Hans Marklund, Base 23 Dancers, Leaders Anneli Alhanko and Eva Johnson

4 December 2014, Paris, Cercle suédois
Concert-lecture “Queen Christina in Paris”, Ani Gazarian, Clavicord, Mats Liljefors, lecturer

3 December 2014, Paris, Salle Colbert
Concert, Ensembles La Badinerie et Tempesta, Mats Liljefors, Conductor, Marie Arnet, Soprano, Amanda Liljefors, Mezzosoprano                                                                                                        Monteverdi, Stradella, “Amour constant” Ballet music

3 December 2014, Paris, Salle Colbert                                                                                                     Seminar «Christine, philosophe et mecène. Les milieu intellectuels francais. Une politique européenne».  Yves Saint Geours, Denis Kambouchner, Jean-Charles Darmon, Jean-Claude Milner, Claude Imbert, Philippe Beaussant, Michel Espagne.

20 November 2014, Vienna, ORF Radio Kulturhaus
Concert, Female Baroque Ensemble “Les roses sauvages” Eva Leszczynka, Soprano, Sylvie Lacroix, Flute, Eva Neuhäuserer, Viola da gamba, Sonia Leipold, Harpsichord
Female composers from Renaissance to Baroque

20 November 2014, Vienna, ORF Radio Kulturhaus
Seminar «Queen Christina of Sweden, Life and influence on culture»
Gloria Kaiser, Stefan Schennach, Mats Liljefors

19 October 2014, Stockholm, The Royal Palace
Dance, World Premiere of “Young Christina”, Principal Choreographer Hans Marklund, Base23, young dancers from Base 23, Stockholm, Anneli Alhanko and Eva Johnson, leaders

15 October 2014 Spoleto, San Nicolò
Seminar «Art Collections of Queen Christina. Contradictions»
Silvia Danesi Squarzina, Adriano Prosperi, Giovanna Sapori

14 October 2014, Spoleto, Teatro San Nicolò
Concert, Teatro Lirico Sperimentale, Chiara Tirotta, Soprano, Rosaria Fabiana Angotti, Mezzosoprano, Alex Roupen Avedissian, Baritone, Francesco Massimi, Harpsichord.
Scarlatti, Pasquini, Marazolii, Stradella, Corelli.

6 August 2014, Altmünster, The Church, Salzkammergut  Festival
Concert, Ensemble Concorda, Olivera Ticevic, Soprano. Music by female composers

27 July- 8 August 2014, Gmunden, Orth Castle
Master class, Austria Barock Akademie, Master class and concerts of female composers

22 July 2014, Kirchstetten, The Castle
Concert, Austria Barock Akademie, Ensemble Concorda, Olivera Ticevic, Soprano
Music by female composers

9-14 June 2014, Spoleto, Teatro Lirico Sperimentale
Master class, Preparing future opera stars, Master class of Singing

4 June 2014, Uppsala, Musicum of the University 
Concert-lecture, Christina´s European Tour, Concert and Narration
Susanne Rydén, Soprano, Mark Tatlow, Cembalo, Music by Rossi, Carissimi, Cesti, Corelli

2 June 2014, Uppsala, The Hall of State, Uppsala Castle
Concert, The Queen´s Consort, Mats Liljefors, Conductor, Anna Eklund-Tarantino, Soprano, Amanda Liljefors, Mezzosoprano. ”Amour constant”, Stradella, Corelli, Frescobaldi

2 June 2014 Uppsala,  The Library, Uppsala Castle
Project Inauguration by Princess Christina Mrs Magnuson, Patron of the Project
Seminar «Queen Christina between Erudition and the Arts: Stockholm, Uppsala, Paris and Rome». Tore Frängsmyr, Stefano Fogelberg Rota, Maria Schildt, Camilla Kandare