Queen Christina - Culture and Peace

Welcome to our official homepage!

With the aim of taking the enlightened values of Queen Christina of Sweden to modern Europeans, Queen Christina of Sweden, the European, a culture and tolerance project, was developed in Stockholm by L’Institut français de Suède, French Academy member Philippe Beaussant and Swedish conductor Mats Liljefors. France and Sweden were quickly joined by Austria and Italy and with financial support from the European Union and private sponsors the project created special events, concerts, dance performances, seminars and other cultural productions in five European countries 2014-15.

See www.queenchristina.eu for a complete list of these events, met with enthusiasm and highly appreciated, not least as tools in fighting intolerance. The organizers unanimously decided to continue the project as well as open it to other interested partners and countries. In the current project phase, 2016-17, Queen Christina - Culture and Peace activities take place in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Sweden. Additionally, discussions are in progress in Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Greece and Poland regarding future events and new partnerships.

Queen Christina - Culture and Peace fascinates me as project, not only because I am Swedish, but mainly because of its aim: to strengthen cultural values in a period when our continent is facing many new crisis. In the search for peace and harmony, Christina´s values are also ours: tolerance, open borders, freedom of religion, female equality, freedom of expression. As matter of fact, Queen Christina can be considered one of the most beautiful flowers of European culture, and consequently, a symbol for Europe”

Princess Christina Mrs Magnuson, Patron of the Project