Special Event program

26 June 2015 | Gothenburg | Academy of Music and Drama University of Gothenburg – Sjöströmsalen
Queen Christina as Leader
Short seminar and debate about leadership
Patrik Engellau, Moderator
Opening speakers: Marie-Louise Rodén, Annika Thor, Johanna Andersson

18 June 2015 | Rome | Chiesa Nuova
Queen Christina in Rome
Concert with Introduction
Anna Carbonera, Soprano, Michele Carreca, Theorbe
Mats Liljefors, Introduction ​​

16 June 2015 | Brussels | The EU Parliament
Queen Christina and the European
IdentityLecture with music     
Paolo Grossi, Frank Pierobon, Mats Liljefors
​Amanda Liljefors, Mezzo, Thibaut Roussel, Theorb​​

20 May 2015 TBD | Rome | Chiesa Nuova
Queen Christina in Rome
Mats Liljefors
Lecture with music

22 April 2015 | Brussels | The EU Parliament
Queen Christina, the European
Lecture with music

11 March 2015 | Stockholm | The Royal Palace Karl XV Hall
Queen Christina. Roles in Dances and Gestures of the 17th Century
Karin Modigh and Noah Hellwig, Dance
Camilla Kandare, Narration

4 Dec 2014 | Paris | Cercle suédois
Queen Christina in Paris
Ani Gaser, Mats Liljefors
Lecture with music