Queen Christina of Sweden – in brief

  • Born in 1626 , daughter of Gustavus Adolphus – educated as a King
  • Queen at the age of 7 / regent at 18 / crowned in 1650
  • Studies in language, history, religion and science.
  • Interested in art and philosophy
  • Peace Queen – ended the 30 Years’ War by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648
  • Never married, did not accept the female role of the 17th century, abdicated in 1654
  • Converted to Catholicism in Innsbruck 1655 and settled in Rome
  • Became Queen without a country, supported the arts, but remained active in politics and religion
  • Pleaded for tolerance, open borders, freedom of belief and freedom of expression, women’s independence – Is regarded as the precursor to the Enlightenment
  • Lived 34 years in Rome and died there in 1689 – buried in St. Peter ‘s Basilica, an exceptional honour

Queen Christina of Sweden has inspired the European cultural initiative by:

  • Her complex and multifaceted personality
  • Her lifelong learning and personal development. She was fluent in 8 languages
  • Her lifelong fight for European values, tolerance, peaceful coexistence and culture
  • Her historic footprint as the most prominent European woman in the 1600’s
  • Her European identity – three centuries before the Union – a symbol of European unity