Growing interest for Queen Christina

– Our project reflects a growing international interest in Queen Christina as a true European, 300 years before the European Union” says Mats Liljefors, the project leader.

Queen Christina of Sweden was the most famous European woman of the 17th century and the interest and fascination for her continues. Hundred of books, even films and operas around this exceptional woman have appeared and still appear. Among recent productions are  ”L´Echiquier de la Reine ” by Yann Kerlau, ”Reine Christine et la musique” by Philippe Beaussant, ”Le Passioni dell‘anima” by Raffaele Simone, ”The Fenix ​​Fire” by Susanna Åkerman and ”Queen without a country” by Erik Peterson. 

From earlier, the ”Queen Christina” volumes by Sven Stolpe and the short biography ”The Silver Mask“ by Peter Englund are already classics. In 2013,  a comprehensive exhibition, ”Pictures of Christina” incl. newly restored original manuscripts, scored a major success in the Royal Armoury in the Stockholm Royal Palace.

The interest in Queen Christina is further enhanced by a new movie, ”The Virgin Queen”, released in 2015. It is a coproduction between studios in Canada, Germany and Finland, along with Swedish Anagram Film. Malin Busk performs the role of Queen Christina and Michael Nyqvist plays Axel Oxenstierna. Director is well known Mika Kaurismäki. It will be the third major Christina movie after the 1933 version with Greta Garbo and the 1974 release featuring Liv Ullmann in the lead role.

The European Culture Initiative, Queen Christina Culture and Peace, will continue in 2017-20, see The QC Project.